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Testing for floating +Pool to begin in New York City summer 2024

Testing for the floating +Pool swimming pool proposed for New York City's waterways will begin this summer upon the project receiving $16 million to advance.

Designed by LA-based design studio PlayLab Inc and the now-dissolved studio Family, +Pool is a cross-shaped pool that will filter pollutants from the surrounding water without chemicals and provide publically accessible swimming for New Yorkers.

Non-profit organiser Friends of +Pool announced recently that the project received $4 million from the City of New York and $12 million from New York State to "pilot and scale" the project for summer 2024.

"This summer, the Governor and the nonprofit Friends of + POOL plan to launch an approximate 2,000 square foot (185 square metres) version of the water-filtering swimming pool utilizing + POOL's design and technology," said the team in a statement.

"The installation in New York City this summer will demonstrate how the +Pool, and its unique filtration system, will provide access to our waters and meet new regulations outlined by the government."

The pilot project will also serve as testing for the +Pool's design to be used elsewhere in New York state, with renderings depicting it floating in waterways in Buffalo, Newburgh, Rochester and other locations.

According to the team, the full-sized +Pool will be capable of cleaning 1,000,000 gallons of water a day by filtering water through its walls without chemicals or additives.

The patented filtration system created by Friends of + POOL "brings raw river water to an acceptable microbiological standard for swimming" using the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) water quality modelling software.

The four branches of its cross-design are also adaptable and can reconfigured for a variety of activities including lap swimming, lounging watersports and children's activities.

The sections can be used independently or combined to form an Olympic-length or 9,000-square-foot pool.

"This summer's public demonstration of the system will provide New York State and Friends of + POOL with the final data needed to secure permits and greenlight the completion of the pool's installation," said the team.

The pool is expected to be open for swimmers summer of 2025.

Previously, a location for +Pool was approved to be placed north of the Manhattan Bridge.

A floating installation based on the project was created by PlayLab Inc, Family New York, Floating Point and Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in 2019.

The images are courtesy of Friends of +Pool.

Testing for floating +Pool to begin in New York City summer 2024


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