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LMTLS clads korean beauty store with rocky texture echoing Madagascar's pristine nature


Nestled in Myeong-dong, Seoul, the skin1004 flagship store by LMTLS stands out amid the crowded skincare scene with its textured rock design. Drawing inspiration from Madagascar’s pristine natural beauty, the store ditches the typical green motif for a warm palette of browns and beiges. Instead, the design team sought to combine elements like rocks, pebbles, and sand to create an urban oasis, offering visitors a unique escape from the city bustle. This emphasis on originality aims to resonate with customers seeking something different in their skincare experience. Features such as curved windows, brass benches, and carefully curated landscaping enhance the spatial depth, moving beyond a simple two-dimensional design. The use of brass metal in the entrance and windows reflects Skin1004’s contemporary brand philosophy, connecting natural elements to their cosmetic products through advanced technology.


The design by LMTLS seeks to offer a multi-sensory experience by blending different natural landscapes within the urban setting. This contrast with the busy cityscape outside creates an engaging space, inviting curiosity and offering a refreshing getaway for visitors. Upon entering through the external rock facade, the first-floor interior mimics a natural trail, with warm brown tones evoking desert and rocky landscapes. This level functions as an exhibition area reflecting the brand’s ethos, while the second floor houses a lounge and sales section for product testing and events. These areas are linked by a void, featuring a sculpture that harmonizes untouched nature with modern design.

Visitors traverse reed landscapes, encounter simulated water waves, view natural scenes on media walls, and touch rough rock textures, immersing themselves in the theme of untouched nature. A reed forest-inspired staircase leads to the second floor, where visitors can explore and purchase cosmetic products. Illuminative lighting mounted on the ceiling of the second floor casts a gentle glow onto the sculpture, preserving the subtle natural ambiance across both levels and elevating the overall atmosphere.

Project info:

Name: SKIN1004 Flagship Store / LMTLS

Architects: LMTLS | @lmtls_architecture

Design architect: Daeho Lee (Partner in charge), Jaeyual Lee, Beomki Lee

General contractor/ landscape: Chiyoujae

Location: Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

Area: 350 sqm

Year: 2024

Photographs: Swan Park

LMTLS clads korean beauty store with rocky texture echoing Madagascar's pristine nature


  • Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea