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UNstudio wraps Huawei Shanghai flagship with biophilic 'flower petal' facade


Huawei, a prominent player in information and communications technology, has collaborated with UNStudio to unveil its new flagship store in Shanghai. The partnership focuses on delivering an immersive and customer-centric experience. Working closely with the Huawei Design team, UNStudio has conceived a unique concept that integrates people, nature, and technology, redefining modern retail spaces and fostering a sense of community. Ben van Berkel, Founder and Principal Architect at UNStudio, emphasizes the innovative blend of interactive experiences, technology, and community creation in this flagship store. The project is recognized at once by its biophilic facade which borrows the form of flower petals to create a blossoming new landmark in Shanghai.


Inspired by nature and Huawei’s ‘Harmony’ operating system, UNStudio’s Huawei flagship store in Shanghai features a biophilic design that fluidly transitions from the exterior to the interior. The architects employ high-performance, certified, and recycled materials to minimize environmental impact, while detachable prefabricated systems on the floors and ceilings contribute to the building’s sustainable performance. Advanced ventilation systems and real-time monitoring ensure high indoor air quality, while greenery contributes to a pleasant environment for customers and visitors. The design draws inspiration from the recursive dynamics of natural growth, reflecting Huawei’s polar codes technology.


The flagship store’s main facade serves as a symbolic gateway to Taikoo Li, Qiantan. The petal-like features on the facade evolve in scale and rotation, forming an integrated geometric system that combines the brand with nature and technology. This composition, alongside carefully chosen colors and materials, establishes a distinct identity and welcoming gesture for visitors. The frameless glass front maximizes visibility, allowing natural light to penetrate the store. Illuminated petal edges create a soft glow in the evening, lending a luminous and sculptural facade.

The interior of the flagship store features a key element called the ‘Tree of Harmony,’ extending the aesthetic of the exterior facade. This spiraling element anchors the main entrance area and facilitates vertical circulation. The store interior is characterized by fluid circulation and a warm, pure-toned color palette, promoting unity. Wooden and GRC-clad columns, ivory ceilings and floors, and wooden product display tables contribute to the cohesive design. Interactive experiences are facilitated through AR, allowing visitors to engage with nature through sight, sound, and smell.

Designed as a flexible and user-centric interface, the Shanghai flagship store encourages multi-faceted experiences for Huawei’s customers. Both floors feature spaces for gathering, relaxing, and sharing. The HUAWEI Community area is adaptable for various events, including public lectures, cultural activities, and fitness classes. A café, located across from the lecture space, provides a comfortable waiting area for after-sale services. Meanwhile, an ‘In Real Life’ area accommodates work and leisure activities, while the brand gallery and brand wall commemorate Huawei’s history and milestones, acting as a bridge between the brand and consumers.

Project info:

Project title: Huawei Flagship Store

Architecture: UNStudio | @unstudio_architecture

Location: Shanghai, China

Client: Huawei | @huawei

Completion: January 2024

Photography: © Huawei, Wen Studio | @wen_studio2020

Design team, UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Hannes Pfau, Garett Hwang with Johnny Chan, Sungmi Hyun, Tony Hu, Joe Mak, Phyllis Cheung, Ana Castaingts Gomez, Kan Tong and Diego Ramirez Leon, Raina Lin, Gary Huang, Guomin Lin

Local executive architect: UDG

Lighting consultant: Brandston Partnership Inc. (BPI)

Facade consultant: Inhabit Group

Main contractor: Symbol

Facade contractor: Josef Gartner Curtain Wall (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

UNstudio wraps Huawei Shanghai flagship with biophilic 'flower petal' facade


  • Shanghai, China
  • UNStudio