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A New Building In Shanghai Inspired By A Forest Of Trees

Koichi Takada Architects has designed a retail building in Shanghai, China, that’s described as an ‘architectural forest’ of 32 trees.

Situated on a site that only four decades ago was densely forested, Solar Trees Marketplace is the first step in returning green to greater Shanghai and mitigating the effects of urban sprawl.

From the outside, the tree-like building is a symbolic gateway to the expansive masterplan that prioritizes pedestrian activity, parkland, and nature in an increasingly urban environment.

The organic form of Solar Trees Marketplace is intended to merge with a promenade of native Camphor trees, and over time transform the area into an oasis of calm amid the bustling urban landscape.

Inside, the building is operating as an immersive sales and display suite for the adjacent residential masterplan development, which has also been designed by Koichi Takada Architects.

Overhanging greenery has also been included in the design, complementing the nature-inspired building and highlighting the curves.

Photography ZY Architectural Photography


  • Shanghai, China
  • Koichi Takada Architects